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You workout….are you an athlete?

Posted on December 28, 2016

How you look at your daily “workout” can greatly help with your results.

“Life is a sport, we all play!  Like it or not, if you are trying to play at a higher level….you are an athlete” – Errick Adams Personal Trainer.

  1.  Athletes are scheduled- Set a schedule and maintain it.  Show up when you are supposed to be training.
  2.  Athletes are goal oriented- So set a goal.  Make short term and long term goals and work towards them.
  3. Athletes know that it is ok to lose games – If you suffer a setback, jump right back and work.
  4. Athletes are present in their workouts- Use your time wisely to improve.  After you take your gym selfie, leave the phone alone and concentrate on your training.
  5. Athletes are smart – learn what you can to improve your skill.  Nutrition and performance are linked.  Learn about how your body best uses fuel.

Don’t just “workout”…..TRAIN!   Train to lose weight, Train to improve your health, Train for the next rank testing, Train for competition…….just train!

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