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What to Eat- Part I Proteins

Posted on October 20, 2009

Now that you have read my last blog post on how to eat, we will now begin to get into WHAT to eat.  Food is comprised of three main nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  The inclusion of all three into your diet is very important.  The key to proper dieting is to fine tune how much of each you eat.  I will give you some important information over the next few days to help you with your food decisions.


Proteins are food for your muscles.  The amino acids that are released from digested proteins are used to repair your muscles.  Your muscles are in a constant state of damage and repair.  Weight lifting and exercise increases this process and therefore you need protein to rebuild your muscles.

There are two different categories of Proteins: Whey and Casein.  It is essential that you consume both of these types of proteins.


You will want to consume the whey proteins, which are in egg whites and protein powders, early in the morning or after a workout.  Whey is the Ferrari of protein;  it gets into your bloodstream quickly after a workout.  Your body needs this fast hit of building blocks to begin to repair.  Also, this type of protein is good early in the morning as you have been “fasting” while you slept and you need nutrients.


This protein is slowly digested and takes a long time to get into the blood stream.  This protein should be consumed during the middle of the day so you have a constant supply of protein all day long.  It is found in red meats, poultry, and whole eggs.

Remember, even though protein is not as bad as fat, it can still make you fat.  Eating anything in excess will make you fat, because it will cause calories to be stored.


Fried Chicken, fatty grades of hamburger, processed cheese, fatty cuts of steak.


Chicken breast (no skin), Turkey breast, skim milk, fish, lean steak, lean hamburger, protein shakes

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