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The Path to 5th Degree! Countdown Begins to Sept 2011

Posted on January 28, 2011

Hey everyone!

Well here we go.  I am restarting the “Path to 5th Degree” blog that I began a few months ago.  I quit posting as I was not sure when I was going to be testing for the honor of 5th Degree.  I will be testing at the Taekwondo America National event weekend in September 2011.  The event will be in Winston Salem, NC. Being a “local” tournament for me, I am hoping to have a ton of my own students there to cheer me on.  No pressure right….pressure makes diamonds my friends.

Just because I have not been blogging, does not mean that I have not been training.  I have steadily trained daily in either TKD, Kickboxing, or Brazilian Jui Jitsu.  In the mornings, I have been lifting weights.  Typically low weight- high repetition exercises.  This will help me with lactic acid buildup tolerances.  i want round 4 to feel just like round 1.

I am also taking an very close look at my diet and nutrition for this testing.  When I tested for 4th Degree, I weighed 270lbs at a 38% bodyfat.  I did pass that testing, but it was VERY difficult.  I was fortunate that Mr. Kesler showed mercy on me at that one!  My 4th Senior testing, I weighed 230lbs at 12% bodyfat.  This was a MUCH better testing!!  I actually lost track of how many rounds I had sparred and thought I had only sparred three!  This is a good problem to have.  If you are not carrying the weight around….you will move better.  My plan for 5th is to be in the 220lb range and have my bodyfat from 8-12%.

How am I going to do this you ask…..mainly practicing what I preach!  I am also starting the 24 Day Advocare Challenge.  You can find out information about the 24 day challenge on my site:

I am also going to be planning training camp visits to my local high rank instructors.  I always had the great benefit of having Mr. Lacy in the same town as me…to keep me straight and make sure I was ready to test.  Now that Mr. Lacy is tearing it up in Texas…I will have to make some road trips.

Well, time for class!  Lets get strong!

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