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Path to 5th Degree! Update

Posted on September 20, 2010

Hey everyone.  It has been a bit since I posted.  Talking with my buddy Dewaine Chan at the Taekwondo America Nationals in Ft Mitchell, KY this weekend, I am now inspired to get back to bloggin.

The main thing that I am doing right now is working on my diet and being consistent in my training.  With my diet, I am basically trying to eat something every couple hours.  Not usually a very large meal but something to keep my metabolism working throughout the day.  Usually when I get a large meal like when I eat out, I have been trying to pay attention to portions and splitting the food immediately.  That way, i can get another meal from the same dish and keep my calories per meal down.

Ditching the soda is huge!  I have been off soda’s for a few months.  This makes a huge difference.  Drinking your calories is not the best way to get your nourishment.

Owning a school lends a new set of problems to properly training for TKD.  I ready myself to work out everytime a class lends itself for the opportunity.  I usually get to take three classes of TKD per week and I also grapple three days a week.  I have a couple really good sparrers that are able to push me.   In May, I started a kickboxing class into our class schedule.  In that class I am teaching the Joe Lewis Fighting System patterns on a rotating basis and also allows for some heavier contact sparring.  This has worked great on improving my cardio.

I got me a new pair of shoes that will hopefully get me able to begin some road work.  I have big ‘ole TKD feet and running without really good shoes, that fit me…kills my feet.

Stay tuned!

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