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Path to 5th Degree – Post 2

Posted on June 7, 2010

Hey everyone,

Last night I had a great open mat grappling event at my TKD center.  You are probably asking, “What does grappling have to do with TKD training”.  Well, alot actually.  One of the biggest problem that you can run into when you are sparring at testing is to let your adrenaline run away from you.  This can cause you to run out of gas during your early rounds and not have any energy “in the tank” for the later rounds.  Grappling teaches you to calm down and to relax when under pressure.  It also teaches to use proper techniques at the right time.  Not every weapon in your arsenal will work at all times.  Just like taekwondo!

Many times too you see people sparring that are just throwing kicks and punches out there, just to get “credit” for throwing them.  The smart fighter will wait for opportunities to properly use all of the techniques available to him.

Keep kicking !

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