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Path to 5th Degree- Post 1

Posted on June 6, 2010

Hey guys!

Starting my official kickoff of  “Camp Lindamood” tonight!  I will be testing Memorial Day weekend of next year for 5th Degree Black Belt.  My plan is to keep my blog up to date to give every one an idea on how my training is going.

I am always training.  Anytime I see something new and exciting regarding exercise, I am usually first to give it a try.  Many times, I hear my wife say…”Don’t get that…you will be the only one using it”.  Tires and sledge hammers…kettlebells are right up my alley!

Right now I am working out about three days a week with TKD and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Saturday and Sunday and traveling once a month to High Point.  The BJJ is greatly increasing my cardio and helps with controlling adrenaline, which is important in a fight.

Tonight’s workout is an open mat BJJ event at the TKD Center.  Hoping to roll a couple hours.

I am currently weighing 235 at 16% body fat, my goal at testing is to be 210 at 8%.  Starting my dieting this week so I can lose slowly and be able to maintain at that time.  If you do not have it on you…you do not have to carry it around come test time.

In the next few weeks, I am going to be getting my pattern Tong-Il reviewed by as many High Rank black belts as possible.  It would be bad to have an incorrect movement into my muscle memory.

If you are testing next year, feel free to follow my plan.  I will be posting my workouts as often as possible.  If anyone wants to join in or provide encouragement, feel free to post a reply!

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