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Path to 5th Degree – 5/17/2011

Posted on May 17, 2011

Hey everyone…I am back,

Actually I never left but I have been a bit negligent on putting postings out on my training.  Training is doing very well.  I am continuing with a healthy diet and the results are nothing less than phenomenal.  I am now weighing in at 217lbs at 11% bodyfat.  This is such a huge difference in my health and training that I cannot believe the differences.

I have been using Advocare products which are in every NFL locker room and verified to be sure they are clean of banned substances.  You can find information about advocare from my site at, . I have eliminated all fried foods and sodas from my diet.  I have not had soda or fried foods since February.  Honestly, I do not miss them.  I do miss Krispy Kreme donuts and just cannot be around them. LOL

My weight loss has been combined with an aggressive plan of muscle building and cardio training.  Many of my cardio regimens are “classified”.  I have been doing lots of 300’s which is 6 exercises of 50 reps each.  I try to keep these exercises to bodyweight drills.

My plan for this week is to start video taping my pattern to be able to analyze problem areas.

I have been working on sparring combinations to “open holes” with my opponents.  My cardiovascular conditioning is improving daily and I will be adding my secret weapon training this week.

September is getting close my friends!

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