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Path to 5th Degree – 2/21/2011

Posted on February 21, 2011

Hey everyone,

Been a bit since I have posted an update but it is not because I have not been training.  I have been training each day going towards the goal of 5th Degree Black Belt.

This last weekend, I had the honor of having Master Danny Dring at my school.  Mr. Dring gave me and my students a different perspective to think about when free sparring.  Diversity is important for sure, especially in our art.  It is good to learn different techniques and combinations because every thing does not “click” with every person.  You got to try different things.  Playing Taekwondo is a great way to look at our training. It has got to be fun to keep doing it.  Finding ways to make yourself better is the key to our art.

I have been training in TKD daily with supplimentation of Kickboxing and BJJ.  The BJJ training really works your aerobic conditioning.  It is a different type of training but a great way to sneak in your cardio work.  Kickboxing is allowing me to become more comfortable with hand techniques intermingled into my kicking.  I would tell you the combos that I am working on….but you will just have to wait for September to see them.  LOL

My diet has been very clean over the past 20 days.  Absolutely no fried foods, lots of water, no highly processed foods, no fast food, no soda.  That is most of the NOs.  I am eating alot of chicken, egg whites, vegetables, and fruits.  I have been using the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare (  My weight loss has leveled out for a bit but I am now lower than where I was when I tested for 4th Sr.  I am currently weighing 230lbs at 14% BF.  I am getting closer to my goals of 220 at 10%.  What I don’t have to carry around with me….will make the sparring much better.

I am also maintaining a daily lifting routine.  At least 45 minutes of interval weight lifting followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

Tonight I freesparred with my adult students.  We had 15 three minute rounds.  Now I am sore but feeling good!

Next month I am starting  “The Camp Lindamood Traveling Training Express”.  First stop will be on the weekend of March 25th when I will be traveling to Mr. Baxter’s school!  Looking forward to a great time with a great and talented master instructor.

Keep Training!

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