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Path to 5th Degree 1/31/2011

Posted on January 31, 2011

Hey everyone!

Very excited to be testing in September.  I have always enjoyed promotional testings.  Especially, since I have owned a school.  It it quite a thrill to prepare students and see them challenge themselves at their testing.  I push students hard to make sure that they are prepared for testing.  Taekwondo testings are not about winning or losing or how well you did compared to another student, they are about self improvement.  Are you getting better…stronger…more fit…greater understanding of your art?

Since this testing is for a new belt, there is a special significance for me.  When I started training as a child,  I was encouraged by my instructor to quit and that I was not wanted in the school.  I found out later that my family paid extra to the instructor to have me in classes.  Perserverance is important for sure.  I did not quit as a child and will focus my energy on this goal as an adult.

Now is my time to lead by example.  The last time I tested for rank was about two years ago so many of my students have never seen me train for a testing.  Starting soon, we will be having a special weekly “Camp Lindamood” class.  This will be an aggressive workout with the purpose of getting me into shape.  Anyone that takes this class will definately get the benefits of some heavy training.  Warning:  You will get your head and legs kicked.  LOL

I am in day two of the 24 day challenge.  Full of energy despite the very low calories that I am working on.  This is going to be great.  If I do not have to carry it around with me….I will move better.

5 egg white Veggie omelet and fiber drink for breakfast.  Had a SPARK Energy Drink to get my day started.  Heading to the gym to train Chest and Triceps at 10am.  Taekwondo and Kickboxing tonight!

Keep Training!

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