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Make your own “Fast Food”

Posted on September 30, 2014

Want to improve your health and beauty and the well being of your family? Steer clear of fast food restaurants and start redefining your family’s idea of fast food. Make your own version of “fast food” by preparing quick snacks and meals that you can grab on the go. Give your food pantry a beauty makeover by simply making healthy foods — such as fruits, vegetable, nuts and whole grain snacks — more convenient and readily accessible. Enhancing the convenience of healthy food reduces your desire to reach for the bad stuff.

It is easy to make healthy choices. I hear all the time all the excuses… I travel so I cant eat well, I am busy with the kids so I cant eat well, I just want to stop and grab dinner on the way home, It too expensive to eat right at home. It is actually pretty easy to make good choices while out and about. Even though I teach at the school each night, I travel all day and always away from home during the day.

Here is what I do:

1. Ditch the soda. Tons of calories and sugar. I usually do water or if I am in the mood for something sweet, I will choose green tea.
2. Dried fruits. Got to be careful to get as natural choice as possible without lots of preservatives.
3. Nuts
4. Chicken breasts. You can cook these in advance and have in a cooler.
5. I am a big fan of Sheetz, especially when I am out and about. If you can avoid the gunfire LOL, you can find some healthy choices for breakfast and lunch in their MTO. Just watch out for the cheeses and sauces.
6. Hard boilded eggs. We cook several dozen on Sunday after our weekly shopping and eat them throughout the week. My typical breakfast is six egg whites and some turkey sausage.
7. Drink lots and lots and lots of water. I drink an ounce per pound of bodyweight. This keeps my system hydrated and functioning well.
8. High quality nutritional supplementation. I use the MNS-3 and Spark from Advocare to fill in the blanks in my nutrition needs.
9. Turkey Burgers- If you are a fan of hamburgers, you cant beat turkey burgers.

It is easy to eat healthy on the road, you just need to plan a bit and tell yourself that you are going to be making a better change for yourself and your family.

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