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Lose Weight- Even when Eating Out!

Posted on December 17, 2009

Frank Bruni’s Restaurant Survival Tips

1. Don’t fast beforehand

If you prep for a big meal by avoiding food all day, you’ll eat madly and mindlessly, your hunger and sense of sacrifice egging you on.

2. Pace your alcohol

If you start right in with two martinis, you’ll lose perspective and restraint. Enjoy a cocktail or two–but gradually, as the meal progresses.

3. Lose the breadbasket

Indulge for 10 minutes, max, and then have the basket removed. If it’s there, you’ll reach for it without thinking. If it’s not, you won’t miss it.

4. Take inventory

You don’t need to eat everything. If the food  is great and you’re not full yet, have some more. But if the food’s disappointing, stop scarfing it down.

5. Share a dessert

It’s a kindness to your wallet as well as your waistline. You’ll still enjoy your sweet fix. And as sacrifices go, it’s not a huge one.

Next…What to order and what to stay away from when you are eating out.

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