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Is My Child Ready for Promotion?

Posted on November 25, 2016

Promotional testing is not required at our center but is a fantastic tool to reward your child for hard work during the cycle.

Our programs are divided between Beginner (White-Orange Belts), Intermediate (Green-Blue Belts), Advanced (Brown-Red), and Black Belt Ranks.  Each rank has its own set of responsibilities designed for the student to grow in their skills and increase their confidence in being able to accomplish goals.

Beginner ranks are basically equivalent to preschool and elementary in skill so we work on the basics and the majority of the testing grade is accomplished in class.  Your child will pass testing!  It is designed to give quick boosts of confidence and establish a strong base for continued training.

Intermediate ranks are similar to Middle School in skill.  At this level the student should be able to demonstrate an understanding of basics and be able to apply their work in class as well as in testing.  Work in class accounts for sixty percent of testing grade so if your child is working hard in class and makes strong attempts at testing, your child will pass testing!

Advanced ranks are reflective of work at a High School level.  To advance a student must have a firm understanding of skills and be able to demonstrate their abilities in class and under pressures of formal testing.  At this level, testings account for eighty percent of testing grade.  Performance at testing is required to be at a higher level.  The need for this higher level of performance is stressed in class and is designed to help the student focus on improvement.   It is possible at this level for your child to not pass testing.

Black Belt ranks are reflective of University level work.  There must be a mastery of skills to advance.  It takes a higher level of dedication and training to succeed at this level.  There is a great possibility that your child will not pass testing.

It is completely OK to not pass testing!  I know of no students that have accomplished a high level of rank without having set backs in their advancement.  Perseverance is taught only through setbacks.  If you win all the time, you cannot learn how to focus and set your goals for success.  We do not charge a second time in case of a no change in rank.

Each cycle at our center is divided into eight weeks.  We use colored tape on the belts to indicate where in the cycle each student’s mastery lies.  This info is used to plan the classes to make sure that everyone, with proper attendance, is ready to test.

The key is, let your child test, you will see the results.

Classes are available for Little Rhinos (3 and 4 years old), Juniors (5-13 years old), Adult (14 years +).

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