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How to Measure Portion Sizes

Posted on April 22, 2010

We have all heard that losing weight is about portion size.  That is real easy but exactly what is a portion size?  It is real hard to picture the proper portion on your plate especially with the ginormous meals you can get when eating out.  Use this simple guide to help you figure out your portions:

Carbs:  Starches like potatoes or pasta should not take up more space on your plate than a baseball.

Vegetables:  Greens are a clean slate, so think of them as a bar of soap.  If they are free of butter and salt, you can have as much as you want.

Protein:   Your recommended 3 to 5 oz serving of meat should be about as big as a BlackBerry Phone.

Condiments:  Keep your sauces to about a tablespoon or roughly the size of a container of lip balm.

Here are a few more handy reminders:

1 serving of peanut butter=golf ball

1 serving of bread=hockey puck

1 serving of sugar=small stick of gum

1 serving of ice cream=computer mouse

1 serving of salad dressing=a shot glass

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