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How to have a tough workout.

Posted on October 11, 2009

Have you ever taken a class and after say, “Man, that was one tough class!” or “I cruised through that one”.  Often times, you can have the same workout with both effects.  There are always ways to make a class more difficult and therefore get more from your time in class:

  • Increase your focus.  Apply yourself to have a high level of concentration on all your movements and techniques.
  • Vary your repetition speed for exercises.  For example, when you are doing push ups, have each push take twice as long.  This will increase the amount of time that your muscle is under contraction and will give you a more difficult workout.
  • In your patterns, do all of your stances at least two inches lower.  This will hit your legs and also helps with muscle memory teaching you to have deep stances.
  • Wear your mouthpiece- this simple activity will tax you as you will have a restricted airflow.

The key to having a tough workout vs an easy workout is mainly in your attitude and determination.  Focus yourself to improve every day and you will improve.

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