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Grocery Shopping – “This is where you win or lose”

Posted on January 14, 2011

Is going to the grocery store a “battle”?  You bet it is!  The way you win the battle for your weight health is to FIRST win it at the grocery store.  If you do not bring it home…it won’t go into your belly!

Willpower is easy when you don’t even have the “bad” food in your house.  It is going to be harder for you to slip and easier to stay on track.

Here are a few tips:

NEVER GO TO THE STORE HUNGRY – This is nothing new, you have heard it before.  Hunger is a very strong power and will cause you to buy stuff that you do not need.  Eat a few pieces of fruit.  An apple or a banana or some orange slices will help you be full before going to the store and will help you stay focused on what you need to get.  If your family goes shopping with you, make sure they eat something too.  That will help you from having the little ones throwing stuff into your basket.

MAKE A LIST –  This will help you plan your meals and focus you on what you actually need to get.  Avoid frivilous junk purchases.  The good thing is that most of the candies and cookies are on the same isle.  Stay off that isle no matter what!  Remember the old saying, “Once on the lips…forever on the hips.”  Get in the habit of being a good grocery shopper.  It will save you money…and save a bunch of calories.

PRODUCE – Get lots of veggies!

LUNCH MEATS- Get the 98% fat free turkey or lean chicken.  Avoid the processed meats that are high in fat.  Fat percentages may be misleading on the packaging.  Look for the one with the leanest cut of meat with the lowest grams of fat.

SEAFOOD AND MEAT COUNTER- Oysters and shrimp are great treats, if not fried.  Fish is an excellent protein source and is good for your heart health.  Turkey and chicken is awesome with the occasional lean ground beef.  Even if your ground beef is listed as 93% fat free, it will often times still be higher in fat than chicken.  Red meat on a daily basis would make it impossible for you to keep your fat percentages in line.  Stay with the white meats.

SPECIALTY FOODS – Sauces of mexican foods are fat free.  Avoid the shells and nachos.  Italian food sauces are also tomato based and very low in fat.  Refried beans usually have fat or lard added, which is the worst kind of fat you can consume.  Watch out for creamed sauces and soups.

CEREALS- Pick the cereals with the least amount of sugar and the highest amount of fiber.  Cheerios is a great cereal for kids and adults.  Coco Puffs are low in fat and may help you wean off chocolate cravings without loading up on the fat.

CANNED VEGETABLES- These are great and can give you variety in your meals.  Just be sure that they are not packed in oils.

CANNED MEATS- Canned tuna is awesome and is quick and easy.  Avoid the canned meats at all cost.  Highly processed and full of fat.

SNACKS- Fat free pretzels and fat free crackers are good, as well as low-fat popcorn.

DESSERTS- Popsicles that are sugar free are good.  there are numerous low fat frozen desserts to try.  BEWARE: SUGAR THAT IS NOT USED BY THE BODY QUICKLY AS ENERGY IS CONVERTED TO FAT!  Don’t overload in this area, or you will gain weight and fat.

Win the battle at home by winning the battle at the grocery store.  Save yourself some money and some unneeded calories!

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