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Eating at Restaurants- Avoiding the Big Three Mistakes

Posted on February 18, 2010

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes that you can make when it comes to overeating at restaurants.

  1. The Bread Basket- An average dinner roll can have anywhere from 100-200 calories, and that is before you add any butter.  Do yourself a favor and ask the server to remove the bread from the table.
  2. Sweetened Drinks- Sweet tea, punches, and sodas can add hundreds of calories to your meal.  Stick to unsweet tea or water.
  3. Dessert- If you are craving something sweet after dinner, wait until you get home where you can control the content and portions.  Restaurant desserts are a disaster- with at least 300 calories

So just think if you have only one dinner roll, one soda, and one dessert, you would have added 600 calories in addition to the rest of your meal.  Wow!

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