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Burn More Fat and Look Great Part II

Posted on July 16, 2009

Today I am going to give you more ways to “Burn the fat and look great”

4. Water- Drink lots of water.  Your body is comprised of mostly water.  If you’re body is depleted as low as 2% you will begin to have adverse effects.  Substitute water for sodas.  You will be saving a ton of calories.  If water is boring to you, try adding lemon slices or even drops of peppermint oil (not too much).

5. Eggs- Eating eggs for breakfast will help you out in many ways.  Eggs are an excellent protein source and will help build those new muscles.  Also, research has shown that subjects eatting eggs for breakfast have consumed fewer calories throughout the day and have reduced their overall body fat.  Scramble three whole eggs with three egg whites and low fat turkey bacon and you have a quick breakfast that will help you lose weight.

6.  Eat more often-  If you were to eat 5-6 small meals you keep your body working and you will benefit more than eatting 3 large meals.  Try eatting small meal every 3 hours.  If you cannot fix a full meal, try a protein shake.

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