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Bully Facts

Posted on June 5, 2009

A study on bullying by the University of British Columbia, based on 490 students (half female, half male) in Grades 8-10 in a B.C. city in the winter of 1999, showed:

»64 per cent of kids had been bullied at school.

»12 per cent were bullied regularly (once or more a week).

»13 per cent bullied other students regularly (once or more a week).

»72 per cent observed bullying at school at least once in a while.

»40 per cent tried to intervene.

»64 per cent considered bullying a normal part of school life.

»61-80 per cent said bullies are often popular and enjoy high status among their peers.

»25-33 per cent said bullying is sometimes OK and/or that it is OK to pick on losers.

»20-50 per cent said bullying can be a good thing (makes people tougher, is a good way to solve problems, etc.).

Source: Centre For Youth Social Development, UBC Faculty of Education


Education is very important for your child to be successful in overcoming his/her bully situation.  At Lindamood’s Taekwondo America, we teach valuable techniques for any child to become more confident and improving his or her self esteem.  These are valuable weapons for a child who is being bullied.

Classes are available for Little Rhinos (3 and 4 years old), Juniors (5-13 years old), Adult (14 years +).

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