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Atlanta Falcons players speak up about bullying

Posted on February 28, 2013

ATHENS, Ga. -A couple of Falcons players tackled the subject of bullying at a local at an Athens high school on Wednesday. Wide receiver Kevin Cone and fullback Bradie Ewing talked with a group of freshmen about the importance of tolerance and how it helps them as teammates.On the field, Cone exhibits a fierce competitiveness, but in high school, he took a different approach when he saw people being bullied.

“It makes you feel awkward and frustrated that you can’t help. But you try to spread kindness as much as you can and be nice to whoever’s being bullied,” Cone said.

Ewing says he would often come to the aid of people who were teased just because they were different.

“We had just like mentally challenged students. And people would often pick on them, and make fun of their manners and stuff like that. That’s probably the worst I’ve been exposed to,” said Ewing.

The teammates were greeted with applause by an auditorium filled with freshmen at Cedar Shoals High School. Their message: tolerance even helps them on the football field.

“Being on the team definitely helps you get past your differences and be kind to people,” Cone said.

The anti-bullying rally was put on by the Human Kind Movement, a group of public relations students from the University of Georgia. They said they were happy to get a couple of Falcons players to participate.

“For them to take back from what they’re learning from the players learning off and on the field – learning to work with each other. They can take what they learned from that and apply it to high school,” said Paige Hutchens.

Cone and Ewing also carried their anti-bullying message to an Athens middle school today.

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