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10 Ways to improve your forms Part III

Posted on July 24, 2009

7.   Mental Intent-  Projecting the image that your form is the best will help you.  You have practiced your form and know your moves, you are an expert at that pattern, why stand at testing with a defeated attitude before you even try.  I have seen people attempt a pattern with a “Sad Sack” expression on their faces.  This is no way to begin to win over judges.  You must overcome this negative attitude.  Be confident that you know your form and can do your very best every time.

8.   Use your eyes-  Since forms are pre assigned fight sequences, doesnt it make sense to turn your head and look before moving?  So many times a practitioner will make a turn into a new movement and their head moves at the same time.  Make sure your eyes and head lead your body.  You should look before you move.

9.   Dramatic Pause and –  Hold that kick for a second longer.  This does not work in sparring, and will get you hit, but it definately will work with your form.  Placing a well formed kick is much better than just flicking it out.

10.  Point of Attack-  Each movement in a form has a purpose, whether it is a punch or block or kick.  Know your pattern well as to where the placement of these movements are directed, ie a punch to the head or body.  It is very important to have your attacks directed to the proper target.  Strikes to the head should be at your head level, body to your body level.  Knowledge of proper targets, and putting your blocks and attacks accordingly, shows your mastery of your form.

Now get out there and practice your form!

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