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10 Ways to improve your forms Part II

Posted on July 22, 2009

Now we will go into three more ways that will improve your forms for competition or testing:

4.   Sectional Training- Break your form down into sections.  Doing sections of no more than 10 moves will give you the opportunity to work hard on making sure your form looks its best.  This is also a great time to have instructors watch your form as you will be doing the same section more often, giving a greater opportunity for your instructor to find and fix errors or give you improvements.

5.   Understand what you are doing- Forms are pre assigned fight sequences, use them as such.  Dont just think of a simple low block/ reverse punch combo as being just that…instead imaging that you have blocked a low kick and delivered a crushing punch and you are moving on to your next target.  This will improve your focus and make your form look much better to your judges.

6.   Left Hand, Right Hand, No Hand Practice- Begin with your left hand behind your back, in your belt.  Now complete your pattern only concentrating on the movements of the right hand (the free one).  Then switch and perform with your right behind you.  Next, do your form with your feet only, this means you must concentrate just on kicks and stances.  After you have been through this circuit, do your pattern as usual with full intensity… will look better.

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