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10 Ways to improve your forms Part I

Posted on July 19, 2009

I will be posting several ways that you can improve your forms.  Forms or Katas are great ways to practice your focus, concentration, and your ability to change direction.

1.   Do your form slowly- Taking your time and going slowly through your form will allow you to examine each step individually to perfect each one.  After you do a move, look at your feet to see if your stances are proper.  I also take each stance about an inch lower to train yourself to have deep stances.  With every technique, have a target in mind; not just putting the punch or kick out there.

2.   Isometric Training-  Take the slow form even farther by adding isometric movements.  Take at least 5 seconds to perform each move.  Do this with full power but very low speed.  This will help with your anaerobic conditioning as well as give you time to perfect each move.

3.   Fast Training-  Go through your form as fast as you possibly can.  This is a test of your muscle memory and can be alot of fun.  If you have stopping points in going quickly, these are the areas you should work on to improve.

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