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Classes are available for Little Rhinos (3 and 4 years old), Juniors (5-13 years old), Adult (14 years +).

Come give us a try, we have something for everyone

Welcome to Lindamood’s Martial Arts Center.

Our school is 1/2 mile from the Bonsack WalMart in Roanoke, VA.  This state of the art facility features 4,000 square feet of floor space and two workout floors for varied instruction.

We teach traditional Korean Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Eskrima.

Taekwondo is the Korean version of the broader science of Karate.  Emphasis is placed on kicks and punches. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling art teaching movement, locks and chokes.  Eskrima uses sticks and hands to be a unique fighting science.

Our martial arts program is an excellent workout and great family activity.  Our class training will boost your confidence, condition your mind and body, give you a positive outlet for stress relief, and you will have a lot of fun.

Classes are available for Little Rhinos (3 and 4 years old), Juniors (5-13 years old), Adult (14 years +).

Our martial arts classes are an excellent activity for both boys and girls.  No one ever sits on the bench.  Everyone participates at every class.

Taekwondo has been shown to be helpful in aiding children and adults with ADHD, ADD, behavioral, and developmental challenges.  The social aspects of our art will help your child make friends and succeed in challenges.

At Lindamood’s Martial Arts, we can also accommodate children and adults with physical and mental challenges.  We will design a program that will support strengths and help build confidence.

Adult classes are challenging and will give you the confidence to meet your goals.  Having a Black Belt sets you apart from the rest and shows that you can persevere.

Lindamood’s Martial Arts is an official member of Taekwondo United, Steve Snyder’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, The Joe Lewis Fighting System, and Sorce’s Martial Arts.

Come give us a try, we have something for everyone!

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  • It was fantastic for my kids! One of my boys has ADHD and always had a hard time with sports. Baseball and soccer were definitely not for my kids. Mr. Lindamood (Bobby) was super with them both but was a godsend for my little crazy guy. I could not say enough good about them.


    Fantastic for Kids!
    Karen St.Clair

  • Competent, Compassionate, Capable, Caring… the perfect balance.


    The Perfect Balance
    Tracey Lockwood

  • This is a great place. The instructors are dedicated to what they do and very caring. This is a great program for families and folks of all ages. Great atmosphere and highly recommended!


    Great Atmosphere
    Abby Malone

  • Bobby Lindamood is a Fantastic Instructor! Very knowledgeable, professional, a real class act! If you want to learn from one of the best, I highly recommend his school, You will learn valuable techniques, realistic self defense and learn some awesome BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) too. Lindamood’s Martial arts center is a professionally run school that you will be proud to work out at! Top notch instruction in Tae kwon do, by a highly ranked Instructor that EARNED his rank and not just “Given” to him. Check them out, You will be glad you did!


    Fantastic Instructor
    Rob Payne

  • Lindamood’s Martial Arts is a great place for anyone to train. I started taking my son there for the Lil Rhino karate classes, and ended joining with him to take the family Taekwondo class. It has become something my son and I look forward to every week. Plus it rolled right into the BJJ class which I have wanted to start for a couple years now so it was a perfect fit. The Lindamood’s are all great, and really love to teach and help all the students. Regardless if classes are packed, you never feel like you are left out. You are always getting coached and encouraged. Also a great work out if you are tired of the gym scene. Prices are very reasonable, can’t say enough good things about this place.


    A great place for anyone to train
    Dwayne Lynch

  • The Lindamoods are great. Michelle and Bobby really take their time to be sure that the material is covered. I had a blast.


    The Lindamoods are great
    Jenny Petrokowski

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it a thousand times. I am more than gratified in my granddaughter learning at Lindamoods. All my kids took ballet, tap, soccer, T-ball, cheerleading, basketball etc. and we have tons of ribbons, certificates, pictures, and trophy’s. Still nothing to show for it in their adult lives. My granddaughter, Addy is being exposed to values I admire. Never giving up, good manners, respect, Teamwork, discipline. And not just on the floor, Her teachers exhibit this behavior and model it for the kids off the floor as well. And the instructors have a genuine, sincere caring for kids. I see it every time I’m there. I see it on Facebook. You want to add real, consistent value to your child’s life, and give them a gift they can take forever everywhere-use a Groupon, we did, best ten bucks I ever spent.



    Best ten bucks I ever spent
    V Monganbarton

  • Anyone who knows me knows I rarely make spontaneous decisions. I think long and hard. Ponder all the details. My girls are 24 & 27 now. Monkey is 8. When monkey wanted an ‘activity’. I started mulling it over. My girls did it all; cheerleading, T-ball, baseball, soccer, basketball, dance, skating, band(flute) color guard. When there wasn’t a Girl Scout Daisy troop in Vinton –  I became a Daisy leader and started a troop. We have costumes, trophy’s and certificates stuffed in drawers and boxes everywhere. Thousands upon thousands of dollars. And neither one of them has a single thing to show for it. There was nothing they could carry through their life. When they were pre-tweens, I took a four hour self defense course for women at a local church – free. I came home and taught them some of the basic moves. Now from that four hour class they got information they still retain AND have had to use! Monkey’s Tae Kwon Do is the best gift I can give her. She can take it wherever she lands throughout her life. She can continually learn, grow and refine herself. No lacy costumes or team numbers, but a Gi looks pretty awesome. This isn ‘t something that gets stuffed in a drawer and forgotten. This becomes a life skill. The more I see, the more pleased I am. Adding her teachers to the people I pray over. Im actually envious, wish I wasn’t so decrepit! !



    This Becomes A Life Skill
    Virginia M

  • We took the kids in March to a birthday party at Super Kicks and Bryson enjoyed doing the karate. But he kept telling the guy leading it , Master Lindy says this and Master Lindy does that and Master Lindy, Master Lindy, Master Lindy. I felt bad for the guy, but saw how much Bryson had learned and knew that he really enjoyed your class.


    Master Lindy
    Tonia Harris

  • I promise, if Bobby Lindamood can teach me TKD and BJJ… he can teach anyone! I trust this guy with my life. I would let him guard and teach my children any day. Taking your child to him for instruction and physical activity will be a great decision. He really is the best at what he does.



    He can teach anyone!
    Jeremy Meador

  • Bobby does a great job with all kids who are at different physical capabilities. The stronger kids are challenged enough, and the kids with low muscle tone, who may be uncoordinated or have some neurological differences, gain endurance, strength, balance, memory skills and confidence. All kids learn assertiveness and they learn to use their voice in defense situations. The Lindamoods give just the right amount of praise and support, while at the same time they hold the kids accountable. It’s a great program!



    It’s A Great Program!
    Lori Jordan

  • Got to watch Ryder do karate this morning…and I was beaming – so was he! He looked so cute and he really gets into that kicking and punching action. I was impressed! One of those moments where the tears flow because he has been through so much this year and it was just cool to see him that way. No other words for it. My kid is awesome



    I Was Impressed!
    Jen Ward

  • I am so happy with Scotty’s progress with you program – I feel it is going to ultimately help him with his tantrums.  You two are truly amazing and I am singing your praises wherever I go!


    Singing Your Praises Wherever I Go!
    Linda Caldwell

  • I love that my son is in an understanding, tolerant, loving environment that is fun and instructional yet disciplined.



    Love the Environment
    Linda Colip

  • I always wanted to be in activities. My dad wouldn’t let me be in anything when I lived in NC with him. I moved here to VA with my mom a few years ago. She asked me if I wanted to do some kind of sports in school. I wanted to be in band, but didn’t have the classes I needed for that. I wanted to take Taekwondo or Karate. One day, my mom came home with information about Lindamood’s Taekwondo America. I tried class and loved it.



    I Tried Class and Loved It.
    Stevan Lindsay

  • It has been almost 15 years since I began my training under Mr. and Mrs. Lindamood. They were and are some of my favorite instructors, even after 15 years I still have the utmost respect for them! I hope all of your students realize how caring you and Mrs. Lindamood are. Can’t wait to stop by for a refresher course! lol It might kill me! But the fire station is luckily beside the school!! haha


    Utmost Respect
    Amy Kitts

  • Taekwondo has helped me a lot. It has taught me self control and other good virtues. it has helped me build my confidence. It is my form of exercise.  I love Taekwondo.


    Helped Build My Confidence

  • Taekwondo is one of my favorite things to do.



    Favorite Activity
    Blake Connell

  • I want to be a black belt because it is hard and my goal is ninth degree. I have learned all the moves and that is important to me so I can use what I have learned against bullies. Taekwondo has helped me to concentrate.



    Black Belt Essay
    J Poe - 8 years Old

  • Both of my girls’ confidence levels have grown, their sense of responsibility has increased, and they are more respectful to each other and others around them. It gives them a sense of pride to know they have accomplished goals and are finishing each belt. It is expensive, but in the long run the benefits outweigh the cost. Also, there is one thing they get out of Taekwondo is they are taught to respect themselves and other sports I don’t feel do that.



    Benefits Outweigh the Cost
    Christy Remy

  • Mr. and Mrs. Lindamood are the best instructors a person could ask for. They are patient and make the classes a lot of fun!


    Classes Are a Lot of Fun!
    John Amburn

  • My kids have been involved with Taekwondo for almost 3 years. They started out as Little Dragons and are now in the junior program at Lindamood’s Taekwondo. The Lindamood’s run an excellent program teaching not only Taekwondo, but the importance of respect, discipline, and perseverance in order to meet the day to day challenges of life. They teach all of these basic principles in a way that is fun and exciting for the kids. If you’re thinking about putting your child in any extracurricular activity that will teach and reinforce the basic principles for success in life, give Lindamood’s a try. You will not be disappointed.



    You Will Not Be Disappointed!
    Donald & Samantha Poe

  • Thanks for your commitment to this, Tyler really enjoys it.



    Really Enjoys It
    Teresa Pissanos

  • We love you Mr. Lindamood!



    Gail Francis

  • Your school is wonderful, and I truly appreciate the way you approach the instruction. I honestly believe the growth in the school is a result of the approach the two of you take, and is a direct reflection of the values you instill in each of your students. You have no idea how appreciative I have personally been with your attitude, especially with Benjamin.


    Your School is Wonderful
    Gena Donahue